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Adventure Time Encylcopaedia Bookplate Giveaway
Hey, you know your copy of Martin Olson’s Adventure Time Encyclopaeida, AKA Your Very Most Treasured Possession Ever? Well, the good folks at Abrams Books want one of you lucky rebloggers to own a signed bookplate to stick inside of said Encyclopaedia. 
Signatures include:
Martin Olson (author, Hunson Abadeer)
Pendleton Ward (Shelby)
Olivia Olson (Marceline)
Hynden Walch (Princess Bubblegum)
Rick “Dienzo” Blanco (Encycolpaedia illustrator)
Kent Osborne (story editor, Joshua)
Celeste Moreno (Encycolpaedia art director)
Jessica DiCicco (Flame Princess)
Tom Kenny (Gunther, Goonter, et al.)
Aisleen Romano (Encyclopaedia illustrator)
Jeremy Shada (Finn, Cosmic Owl)
Sean Tejaratchi (Encyclopaedia book designer)
Here’s what we’ll do: This Thursday afternoon we’ll choose a winner, at random, from those that’ve reblogged this post. It’s that simple (anything more complicated is a pain).
That’s it. Good luck, and (re)blog away!


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